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Exploring the side of geographical information system in india

GIS analyst is someone who possesses IT skills and is efficient in programming languages like R or Python. He is someone who is highly detail-oriented and can solve problems individually. GIS analysts should have experience in mapping tools like raster data, spatial modeling, and vector. He must have an extensive quantitative skill set to understand JavaScript and other mapping languages. A GIS analyst carry out data analysis and programming to solve problems. He sets together all the data to create new information and publish it for useful purposes. 

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Geographical information system

What is GIS mapping?

GIS mapping, also known as Geographical Information System, is a software that manages and analyses real-time geographical information. GIS maps are tools that mainly used by government, businesses, healthcare professionals, urban planners and agricultural field. 

Use of GIS maps 

GIS maps can be used for various things as offering real-time information by conducting surveys, etc. Below are listed the use of GIS maps:

  • Transportation- GIS helps to draw data by observing roads and rail networks. It helps to plan new data based on observations like traffic, and accident-prone areas and understand traffic and travel behavior. 
  • Banking- when a bank plans to open a new location, GIS maps derive information and analyze factors like crime statistics, and client base in that specific area before opening it. 
  • Government- GIS mapping tools are used by law enforcement agencies in highway planning, mapping, infrastructure, and land development. It is a tool used to take decisions for the safety of the citizens. 
  • HealthcareGIS survey conducted by the agencies helps to analyze the data of disease cases and the highest affected areas by those diseases. 
  • Telecom industry- GIS software is used to gather data related to the demographics, population, average earning, and purchasing power of the companies. 

Why choose a 3D point shot?

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1. What is a GIS survey? 

It is a technology used for mapping and gathering information via various GIS tools used by GIS analysts. 

2. How are GIS maps useful in industrial sector? 

GIS maps are useful for many industrial purposes like the telecom industry, banking sector, healthcare industry, and government sector as well. 

3. Who is a GIS analyst? 

GIS analyst is a person who has strong and evaluative IT skillset with a detail-oriented knowledge of GIS mapping tools and services. He works as a data analyst.