UAV survey

What is UAV survey?

UAV is an unmanned aerial vehicle that is used to conduct an aerial survey over large areas in a limited amount of time. A UAV survey helps to conduct topographic surveys on large construction sites and is mostly used for urban planning.

UAV is a kind of drone that provides safe access to places that are hazardous and difficult to reach. At 3D Pointshot, we offer a variety of drones that can help you inspect. UAV surveying and mapping reduce the number of visits to a site and make the workplace a safer place. Our advanced, feature-rich and highly functional products with easy installations are used by engineers, and interior designers, at construction sites and for technical purposes. 

A UAV magnetometer is installed below the suitable drone which helps to take the magnetic survey. A UAV magnetometer survey is conducted using the latest technology to take an aerial survey in the field of geology, archeology, civil engineering, landmines, area clearance, and utility mapping, to name a few. 

UAV magnetometer survey is useful in the following ways- 

  • Accurate data over terrain areas. 
  • Data collection without sudden sensor movements.
  • Quick evaluation of economically larger areas.
  • Use of new technology to compare results quickly.
  • Easy evaluation of survey on minefields. 

Benefits of a UAV survey

Technically, using a UAV survey has helped a lot in various fields of activity. It has made it easier for people to survey without massive manpower. Here are some benefits of a UAV Survey

  • 1. A quick and efficient survey is conducted on larger areas with less amount of time.
  • 2. Access to surveys areas that are difficult to reach and are inaccessible. 
  • 3. Using the latest products helps in generating realistic 3D terrain models.
  • 4. The job of inspection is made easier by using the 4K video feature and zoom.
  • 5. Using photogrammetric methods and thermal imaging systems to create still photography.
  • 6. A fast and smooth data collection approach has made it easier to meet project requirements. 

Why choose 3D point shot?

3D Pointshot is a professional surveying firm that offers a wide range of 3D and 2D modeling options, topography, and UAV surveying and mapping products for engineers working in geology, archeology, and mining fields. We have the best UAV survey products that we offer at the best prices to our esteemed clients. 

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1. What is a UAV survey?

 It is a survey conducted using the latest drones to collect data from large areas; it helps in the inspection of a construction site.

2. How is UAV magnetometer survey useful?

A UAV magnetometer survey helps in quick and accurate data collection over terrain and minefields. It works by using Earth’s magnetic field and evaluates the data collected.

3. Where can I find the best professional surveying products online?

You can visit 3D Point Shot to purchase the best quality and most affordable professional surveying products in India. We serve as one-source solution for all your surveying requirements. Connect with our team today.