Architecture And Construction

3D Pointshot is a leading construction and surveying company in India working on restoration and refurbishment of heritage and old buildings. We are offering a list of as-build surveys for architectural development. Capturing the physical space/ elements with 3D Laser scanner and placing them together in to create meaningful BIM laser scan models and objects. Using the captured and processed cloud data to create BIM models help us to analyze the existing structure, envision the modifications and enhance the design options.

3D Laser scanning is very helpful during renovations, refurbishments and extension phases of existing constructions. After creating the 3D virtual models of Architectural, Structural and MEPF (Mechanical, Electronic, Plumbing & Fire Fighting) elements; We will prepare RFIs for mismatches in scanned data. Our Scan to BIM outputs are accurate, reliable and consistent.

3D Pointshot has a experienced team for 3D Laser scanning of any construction site, Building and surveying related to the AEC Industries. We can scan and handover the outputs with registered point cloud data as per the requirement with any formats. 3D Pointshot have own team to process the point cloud data and creating the 3D BIM Model with required level of details (LOD) and Level of Information (LOI) an appropriate coordinate system should be carefully considered.

Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning in Architecture and Construction