3D Pointshot now providing the services for Ship design and ship repairs. 3D Laser scanning is very helpful for Retrofit, Renovation, Ship navigation, Refurbishment and space management in Ship design process. It require more precision assembly industrial environments, components used in shipbuilding and naval engineering must be verified against design specifications to ensure proper fit. 3D Laser scanning provides a fast and accurate way to inspect ship parts and components during boat construction, portable 3D measurement solutions Digitizing hulls and existing conditions.

3D laser scanning solutions allows for the captures of 3D as-built documentation for repair or restoration. 3D Pointshot can scan multiple curved surfaces. 3D surface analysis enables verification of the correct size of the parts and their deviations. When the scan is completed, surface and volume models can be created and collision detections may be performed on the computer.

Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning in Ship Building