Oil & Gas

We have very good experience in Oil & Gas sector where we had completed many projects with 3D Laser Scanner and other equipment. We are helping our clients without disturbing the production of as built surveys for significant number of industrial sites including Oil & gas, Process plant, Chemical plants, Refineries and drilling facilities.

We have scanned number of plants and delivered the final outputs to our customers on time. The accurate data is essential so all our survey carried out with precise equipment in all plants.

With the help of 3D Laser scanner and Total station we are also doing a survey with control points which is provided by client. We mark permanent benchmarks on site so it can be used for future reference. Scan data registration can be done with the control points and same will be delivered with final outputs. So the entire data is georeferenced and final model can be generated with coordinate system. The control point model can be used for construction verification, setting out the new structure and design as well.

Benefits of 3D laser scanning in plants