Reverse engineering

3D Pointshot provides fast and accurate Indoor and Outdoor measurement in three dimensions as simply at your fingertips.

We offer reverse engineering services, which include more accurate geometric analysis, material and surface analysis, and the generation of precise 3D CAD models and 2D technical documentation.

In engineering term Reverse engineering is used to summarize the process of reconstructing an existing object. When designing an object from scratch, an engineer will draw up a design specification and produce drawings from which the item is constructed. Reverse engineering provides a way to generate missing CAD files and update or create as-built documentation, reverse engineering allows users to quickly digitize a part or object and create a fully surfaced CAD model which can then be used to reproduce an item.

3D Pointshot offers Reverse Engineering services to assist your physical requirement by using our 3D laser scanning technologies and 3D CAD software. We are able to assist you in capturing the measurements and enter them into 3D Product Development software.

Benefits of 3D laser scanning in reverse engineering