Offshore and marine

We specialize in 3D laser scanning for the maritime and industrial engineering and design applications. 3D Pointshot used a 3D Laser scanner to capture the real condition of the offshore site.

A better approach involves scanning ship spaces with a 3D laser scanner to create a very detailed and error free 3D point cloud data. For this type of projects high speed laser scanners are quite suitable for this purpose as they can take millions of measurements in just a few minutes.

As knowing the time critical nature of the Oil and Gas sector we mobilize a team quickly and ready for travel anywhere.

We also provide our services for Clash detection, Piping rooting, Equipment positioning and space management. the marine Industry is in great need of applying emerging technologies like 3D Laser Scanning to a myriad of new tasks.

Our team are trained and experienced professionals specificizing in 3D scanning and CAD modelling of point cloud data processing for offshore installations and vessels which are very often compact and dense with details. We do a 3D Non-Intelligent and Intelligent model from Point cloud data compatible with CADMATIC, AVEVA PDMS, AutoCAD Plant 3D and any other platform.

Benefits of 3D laser scanning in offshore and marine