We 3D Pointshot extended our services for Aviation Industries where 3D Laser scanning take any part and make a digital representation on it.

3D laser scanners are ideal for Aerospace Investment Castings inspections as they have excellent measuring capabilities and they are able to check geometric dimensions with ease. The data can directly be sent to CAD software to manipulate, replicate or measurement. Further, 3D laser scanning process is pretty much faster and captures data points quickly. The material wastage and chances of error are just negligible.

Instead of working on few data points, 3D laser scanner captures millions of data points and remodel geometry of parts in beautiful way. Data is further sent to CAD or CAM software for final inspection and more accurate product dimensions. 3D scanning is pretty much faster when compared to other traditional quality inspection techniques in market. The process even catches small errors that cannot be read out with human eyes.

The 3D laser scanning services applied to the aviation industry for reverse engineering parts is a great advantage. So much time will be saved simply by the guaranteed accuracy of part measurement that the 3D scanner provides. All adjustment and redesign issues can be hammered out on computer before the it goes to the fabrication line. That is going to cut down on a lot of unnecessary costs.

Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning in Aviation