UAV Mapping System

Conduct Accurate Aerial Surveys With The Best UAV Mapping Systems

  • 11 Dec 2023

What Is a UAV?

A UAV is a drone that is an unmanned aircraft providing services similar to a manned aircraft but with the presence of a pilot. UAV is a commercial drone that allows the user to capture large areas in less time and with greater accuracy. There is less risk involved in using a UAV mapping system. 

Benefits of UAV Aerial Mapping

There are many benefits of using UAV aerial mapping drones such as: 

  1. UAV aerial mapping gives an economic advantage by having low operating costs in comparison with airplanes, helicopters and other competitors. 

  2. Drone surveying is 5 times faster than traditional land-based methods.

  3. UAV aerial mapping reached centimeter-level accuracy and also portrays 3D geographic information that can be used to capture the data of large-scale terrain. With extremely high accuracy, UAV aerial mapping proves to be beneficial. 

  4. With the help of UAV mapping, the user can reach inaccessible places like hazardous terrain, and unsafe steep slopes and gain informational data without going to those places. 

Applications of UAV Mapping System

With the increase in population, the need for accurate maps and visualization has also increased. Many industries have noticed the need for UAV mapping systems, including- 

  1. Mining and agriculture
  2. Utility mapping
  3. Construction sites
  4. Relief efforts
  5. Oil and gas mapping
  6. Forest and water department

UAV aerial mapping system is a very powerful tool that provides the perfect solution for various projects in industries where accuracy and limitations are required. 

About 3D Pointshot 

At 3D Pointshot, we specialize in 3D laser scanning, 3D modelling and UAV surveying. As an Indian company with a competent workforce, our services include lidar, photogrammetry, point cloud data processing, virtual reality, digital twin, 2D documentation, augmented reality, topography surveys, mobile mapping and NDT for capturing solutions and accuracy in data collection. 

Our team uses cutting-edge technology in delivering each project. For each project, we have a well-equipped infrastructure and a specialized crew that works hard enough to offer the best possible service to our clients. We prioritize client satisfaction with every service we offer and build loyalty with our customers. Our employees are always motivated to impart efficiency with their skills and knowledge in each service. 

Contact us to learn more about our products and services. 

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  1. How is UAV mapping different from traditional mapping?

UAV mapping is an efficient and cost-effective way to collect accurate aerial data as compared to traditional methods like manned aircraft surveys and satellite imagery. 

  1. What kind of sensors does 3D Pointshot use in UAV mapping?

3D Pointshot uses various sensors like RGB cameras, multispectral and hyperspectral cameras for agricultural monitoring, thermal cameras for heat mapping and lidar for elevation data. 

  1. Can I use UAV mapping for 3D modeling?

Yes, you can use UAV mapping to generate 3D models of buildings, landscapes and other structures. It can be gathered by collecting elevation and imagery data.