3d Laser Scanning

7 Key benefit of 3D Laser Scanning

  • 14 Jun 2023

What are 3D Laser Scanners?

Technology has advanced and today there are multiple ways of not only bringing a real object or space into a 3D reality, but also easily capturing and assessing data. There is no doubt that nowadays you can build a three-dimensional model from scratch with the help of 3D laser scanning.

A 3D laser scanner is a non-contact and non-disruptive technology that uses lasers to measure the geometry of a shape or an object by planting 3D “cloud points” on the surface of the object. These lasers and cloud points help in remodelling the object in a digitally space with the exact same size and shape. To simplify it, 3D laser scanning is the process of precisely analysing and capturing data from the real world and recreating it digitally.

Many industries construction and project management companies have benefited from the 3D laser scanning services as these 3D models can be used as a base to develop, redesign and simulate ideas for the actual construction process. A 3D laser scanner is ideal for measurements and inspection of complex spaces, where traditional methods will not work. These 3D laser scanners can measure accurate and fine details by projecting a laser to a given surface point, whereas a sensor in the device measures the distance.


Advantages of 3D Laser Scanning Services

  1. Rapid Data Accumulation: Unlike other tools and devices, which are time-consuming and tedious to operate, a 3D laser scanner can record up to millions of data points per second. As the laser touches the surfaces of an object or terrain and moves to another point, with the help of 3D laser scanning, you can record data quickly and optimally. Opting for 3D laser scanning services is essential for more significant sites where surveying can be completed with a faster turnaround time. Many construction companies use industrial 3D laser scanning because of the speedy and flexible data collection and measurement facilities this device offers.

  2. Accuracy: Although a 3D laser scanning process delivers a quick data collection service, it is accurate and precise. In the very first go, it will provide correct measurements. Therefore minimising the time consumed in measuring huge industrial sites.

  3. Reduced Risk: A 3D laser scanner is designed in a way that it can be safely used at hazardous or hard-to-reach complex sites by surveyors. Without using lifts or cranes, the site examiner can efficiently use 3D laser scanning services by sending a laser to capture details. You don’t have to assess the site physically; this device does all the work for you!

  4. No-Contact Data Capture: During the site assessment, you often come across objects or structures which are fragile, too small or intricate and may distort or damage when touched. To tackle this situation wisely, industrial 3D laser scanning is ideal. A 3D laser scanner offers no-contact data gathering features that do not require you to touch an object for its measurement. From far away, a surveyor can use the laser feature and get accurate measurements.

  5. Cost-Effective: With less time spent on data collection, the entire process is carried out faster and more accurately. Without the requirement of investment in other tools or devices, 3D laser scanners are the best if you want a cost-effective and cost-effective design affordable data gathering 3D methodology.

  6. Detailed Documentation: A 3D laser scanning is a detailed and comprehensive process. The laser scan will illustrate minute and delicate details without the need for a repeat scan, thereby, omitting the risk of error. Any point that has been missed during a physical or traditional inspection will be captured under a 3D laser scanner.

  7. Scheduling and Reporting: Each construction or industrial project comes with a specific deadline. With the help of an industrial 3D laser scanning, your company will have a detailed breakdown of the construction process. With the use of a 3D laser scanning service, you will know at what stage your project is, what the progress is and by when the project shall be completed. A regular scanning offers reporting which enables companies to match their pre-decided schedules.


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